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You have wandered into the filing room. We have written a number of articles on jewelry and sea animals and they are accessible from this page.


"Excuse me, will your jewellery turn black?"
How does jewelry turn black and why is it one of the top concerns of many jewelry wearers?



Agalil 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
925 Sterling Silver Jewelry has been quietly undergoing an evolution.

Necessity is the mother of invention and it is the necessity to deal with sterling silver's Achilles heel...


Octopus 1

Octopus 2

Octopus 3

Octopus 4

Octopus 5

Seahorse 1

Seahorse 2

Seahorse 3


Agalil Sea Life Jewelry Blog

The Agalil Jewelry Blog keeps you updated on new jewelry designs as they are added to this website.

When new pages are added, or when additions are made to old pages, we'll update here.



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