Sterling Silver Sea Life Charms

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sterling silver sea life charm

Use our premium quality sterling silver sea life charms to tell your story - the story of nature and an animal lover.

Great memories deserve to be preserved by quality jewelry and our silver charm collection fits the bill.


Our collection comprises of:


If you have found cleaning silver charms from tarnish a chore, you are in for a treat. This range of 925 sterling silver marine life charms is treated with a very tough anti-tarnish material to prevent loss of shine over a very long time.



925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Charms

Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm Sterling Silver Kissing Dolphin Charm Paua Shell Sterling Silver Twin Dolphin Charm sterling silver dolphin charm DC 859

3-dimensional dolphin, dolphin couple, twin dolphins, dolphin with inlaid Paua Shell, kissing dolphins, dolphins in love with Swarovski crystal, cute little dolphin...

Click Sterling Silver Dolphin Charms to see the full range.



925 Sterling Silver Seahorse Charms

Sterling Silver Seahorse Clip on Charm sterling silver seahorse charm sterling silver seahorse charm Sterling Silver Seahorse Charm

Abalone shell seahorse, kissing seahorses, Celtic seahorse, three-dimensional seahorse, fat seahorse...

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Charms to see the full range and find out why they are symbols of male commitment and great dads.




925 Sterling Silver Manta Ray Charms and Stingray Charms

Paua Shell Silver Manta Ray Charm Sterling Silver Stingray Charm DC 601 Sterling Silver Manta Ray Charm Sterling Silver Stingray Charm Silver Stingray Charm

Abalone shell Manta Ray, 3 dimensional Manta Rays, blue spotted Stingray, Diamond Stingray...

Click Manta Ray Charm / Stingray Charm to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Sea Charms

Sterling Silver Nautilus Charm Sterling Silver Conch Charm sterling silver crab charm sterling silver sea turtle charm sterling silver mermaid charm

Sand dollar, mermaid, conch, nautilus, whale tail, whale, lobster, scallop, starfish, seal, crab and many turtles!

Oceans and seas contribute their shares of life and legends in abundance.

Click Sterling Silver Sea Charms to see the full range.



925 Sterling Silver Fish and Shark Charms

Artistic Sterling Silver Shark Charm Sterling Silver Shark Charm Sterling Silver Tropical Fish Charm sterling silver angel fish charm

Shark, hammerhead shark, shark tooth, angel fishes, angel fishes with inlaid Paua Shells, angel fish with gemstone, Ocean Sunfish, tropical fishes, butterfly fishes, koi, goldfish ...

Click Sterling Silver Fish and Shark Charms to see the full range.




How to Turn Your Sea Animal Jewelry into a Perfect Gift

The Pink Mage

Are you concerned your sea animal jewelry gifts will not be appreciated?

We have created ‘Gift Enhancers’ like The Pink Mage to turn your sea animal jewelry into perfect gifts.

Click here to learn more and gain access!




925 Sterling Silver Scuba Diving Charms

Sterling Silver Dive Flag Charm Sterling Silver Scuba Diver Charm Sterling Silver Scuba Dive Fin Charm Sterling Silver Scuba Tank Charm Sterling Silver Dive Mask Charm

Scuba Diving improves understanding of the threats to the marine ecosystem and hopefully encourages sustainable environmental behavior.

For that reason, we've added scuba diver, scuba diving fin, scuba mask, scuba tank and dive flag charms to our sterling silver sea life charm collection

Click Sterling Silver Scuba Diving Charms to see the full range.





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The Agalil Sea Animals Club is dedicated to delighting enthusiasts of these 7 sea animals:

  1. dolphin
  2. turtle
  3. seahorse
  4. octopus
  5. starfish
  6. stingray
  7. manta ray

As a club member, you'll enjoy:

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  • better relationships with family and friends who like sea animals
  • a new world created for your amusement and benefit

This is for you if you:

  • like any of the 7 sea animals or
  • know someone who does or
  • buy sea animal themed jewelry as gifts

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Make a Personal Statement with Sterling Silver Sea Life Charms

Charm bracelets are one simple way to turn jewelry personal.

When charm bracelets first became popular, multiple charms were worn on a link bracelet.

Women wore them as chronicles of their lives. Charms were collected to reflect their interests and experiences. Their charm bracelets told their life stories.

Today's fashion is turning its focus on individuality. A charm bracelet is a personal statement about you.

Consider 'building' a sea life charm bracelet, adding one sterling silver sealife charm at a time to narrate your love for the sea and the life it brings.


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