Sterling Silver Sea Life Necklaces

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sterling silver sea life necklaceSterling silver sea life necklaces are purchased as a two-part process.

The first part is easy enough - pick a pendant.

The second part - match a sterling silver chain - can get a little tricky.

Chains come in a great variety of designs and deciding on the chain that matches well can be a hit or miss affair.

We've helped you with obtaining the right match by preselecting a range of sterling silver chains that best match our premium quality sterling silver pendants and furthermore, try on all the chains with each pendant to identify the best looking combination.


Pendant + Chain = Sterling Silver Sea Life Necklace

Click on the links, look at the sterling silver sealife necklaces to see how you can do away with the guesswork or if you wish, match pendants and chains yourself easily.

Do take note of the discount on chains. When you add the chain to your order, click the 'Add to Cart' button on the right.

At the moment, our collection comprises of:



925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklaces

Sterling Silver Dolphin with White Mother of Pearl Necklace Upright Dolphin Sterling Silver Necklace artistic sterling silver dolphin necklace artistic sterling silver dolphin necklace

This range of 925 sterling silver dolphin necklaces will delight dolphin lovers and serve as 'mood changers' as well.

Click Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklaces to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Turtle Necklaces

Sterling Silver Terrapin Necklace Swimming Sea Turtle Sterling Silver Necklace sterling silver sea turtle necklace

Finally, our popular sterling silver turtle pendants are matched with chains of their equal.

Now, these brilliant turtles can be worn as very attractive and quality sterling silver marine life necklaces.

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Necklaces to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Starfish Necklaces

Sterling Silver Starfish Necklace with White Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Starfish Necklace Starfish Necklace

Sterling silver starfish necklaces to remind us the great variety of life. You'll sell plenty of designs all derived from a basic five-ray shape.

Click Sterling Silver Starfish Necklaces to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Octopus Necklaces

Sterling Silver Octopus Necklace Octopus Sterling Silver Pendant with CZ and Rhodium Plating 974 Sterling Silver Octopus Pendant R15

You could be mistaken for wearing a 'Sea Monster' or 'Alien' necklace when you put on one of our Octopus necklaces. That is how 'out of this world' these designs are.

A good match of pendant to chain is still required for a rocking sterling silver sea life necklace and we have done the work for you so you don't have to.

Click Sterling Silver Octopus Necklaces to see what we have come up with.




925 Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklaces

Sterling Silver Seahorse Pendant with Abalone Shell artistic sterling silver seahorse necklace Seahorse Sterling Silver Necklace designer sterling silver seahorse necklace

Just like the rest, these are premium quality sterling silver sealife necklaces.

They satisfy seahorse lovers and celebrate the differences that make you unique and exceptional!

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklaces to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Manta Ray and Stingray Necklaces

Sterling Silver Stingray Pendant with Abalone Shell sterling silver manta ray necklace manta ray necklace

Whether you prefer the accompaniment of realistic or artistic Manta Rays / Stingrays, these 925 sterling silver marine life necklaces showcase your love of nature and the sea, not to mention your unique personality.

Click Sterling Silver Manta Ray and Stingray Necklaces to see the full range.




How to Turn Your Sea Animal Jewelry into a Perfect Gift

The Pink Mage

Are you concerned your sea animal jewelry gifts will not be appreciated?

We have created ‘Gift Enhancers’ like The Pink Mage to turn your sea animal jewelry into perfect gifts.

Click here to learn more and gain access!




925 Sterling Silver Fish, Fish bone and Shark Necklaces

Sterling Silver Fish Necklace with Black Pearl Sterling Silver Fishbone Necklace Sterling Silver Hammerhead Shark Necklace Aqueous Silhouette Sterling Silver Fish Necklace

We have fish bones, coral reef fishes, butterfly fish, artistic fishes, fish with pearls and gemstones. Hammerhead sharks, artistic sharks...

Click Fish, Fish bone and Shark Necklaces to see the full range.




925 Sterling Silver Scuba Diving and Dive Flag Necklaces


Sterling Silver Diver Necklace R10 Sterling Silver Scuba Diver Necklace SDP 010 Sterling Silver Dive Flag Necklace

Thanks to the invention of scuba diving, new species in the seas are continually discovered as well as new threats to the underwater ecosystem.

For that reason, we've added scuba diver, scuba diving fin, scuba tank and dive flag necklaces to our sterling silver sea life necklaces collection

Click Sterling Silver Scuba Diving and Dive Flag Necklaces to see the full range.




Mix and Match Your Own Sterling Silver Sea Life Necklaces

The 925 sterling silver chain designs are conscientiously selected to match the pendants on our website.

You can go with our recommendation or pick your own chain. Here's a useful guideline:

  • With a small pendant on our website, consider the cable chain A or box chain A.
  • Medium sized pendants can go with box chain B, rope chain or cable chain B.
  • A large pendant can be matched with a rope chain, snake chain or cable chain B.

Pretty easy, isn't it?

We'd like to provide you with options and at the same time do away with a headache of having too many choices.

This is a good solution. Click on the links. Look at the sterling silver sea life necklaces and give it a try.



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The Agalil Sea Animals Club is dedicated to delighting enthusiasts of these 7 sea animals:

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