Jewelry in Turquoise

Jewelry in turquoise is designed to laud the qualities of this extraordinary color - turquoise.

The color turquoise stimulates the ability to express our deepest truths. It is the color of self expression and communication.

Turquoise has the effects of serenity, tranquility and intuition.


Turquoise symbolizes youth.

This color includes the green quality - growth, in addition to the communication quality of blue and radiates a soothing effect.


Qualities Associated With Turquoise

Let us be acquainted with the qualities and moods that turquoise reveals.

The color that combines the qualities of blue and green is often associated with:

relaxation, meditation, motivation, calm, dream, sleep, forgive, refreshing, cool, dynamic, tranquil, patient, truth, heal, peace, joy, imagination.


Turquoise Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of handmade turquoise jewellery as well.

Turquoise as some refers to as blue-green, is the color of communication and promotes intuition.

Wear handmade turquoise jewelry to help you clearly communicate what you want and send out messages of your desires to others in a comprehensible way.

The color turquoise is believed to:

  • encourage self-expression
  • open your heart for giving
  • bring wisdom
  • heal the soul and spirit
  • help alleviate fear and depression
  • calm and strengthen your body and mind
  • help develop your natural abilities
  • absorb negativity

Accessorize yourself with handmade turquoise jewelry when you are confused about what you want and has become paranoid or when you receive comments that you are showing behaviour of confusion and secretiveness.


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Wearing Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the trendiest colors in the fashion and jewellery industry and it's not just for jewellery anymore.

You'll find this delightful feminine color in dresses, blouses, skirts, accessories, shoes, bags and everything else.

Together with coral and pink, turquoise is a Mediterranean color and captures the natural beauty of both sky and oceans.

Colour Matching Tips

  • Turquoise jewelry cools down a dominant cream outfit while retaining warmth in the overall look.
  • Pale blue and Turquoise jewelry combine well with plum.
  • Calm red down with blue or turquoise so that it turns less striking.
  • Match turquoise safely with other cool colors such as, aqua, green or clear blue.


If you feel daring, wear turquoise with its contrast color, pink for an eye-catching, sophisticated look.


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