Jewelry in Blue

Is blue themed jewelry well-liked?

After all, blue is the favorite color of about half the human race.

With equal appeal to both women and men, it is the color least specific to gender.

Many have expressed an interest in blue Jewelry due to the reasons:



  • it's their favorite colour
  • they want to color match
  • they are going for a safe color
  • they are looking for a gift that has a good chance of being appreciated
  • they would like to express themselves through the innate qualities of blue



Qualities Associated With Blue

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and moods jewelry in blue portrays.

The color of sky, water and the sea, blue is often associated with:

calmness, affection, idealism, inspiration, contemplation, mystery, holiness, spirituality, intuition, inspiration, cleanliness, healing, meditation, communication, peace, love, coolness, unity, harmony, tranquility, soothing, forgiveness, acceptance and comfort. The Blue Lagoon by loranger, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  loranger   

Dark blue is the color of:

truth, moderation, confidence, stability, conservatism, security, loyalty, trust, honor, steadfast, dependability, classic, honesty, commitment, protection, devotion, sincerity, productivity, order, patience, understanding and cooperation.


Blue Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of blue jewelery as well.

Blue is the coolest color - the color of twilight. It can stimulate chemicals that are calming and invokes rest.

Blue is believed to:

  • ease loneliness and rouse intuition
  • raise leadership, business, finances qualities and career opportunities
  • naturally heal
  • be auspicious for moving and travel
  • open the channels for communication
  • aid learning
  • calm agitation

Blue relates to creativity and our communication with others. It brings trust in others and faith in ourselves.

Dark blue relates to spiritual realization, self-mastery and wisdom. It has more to do with communication with ourselves, understanding and insights.



Wearing Blue

The dominant colour that you wear is an extension of your personality. An implicit but understandable message is released wherever your presence lingers.

  • dark blue jewellery drives home the point of dependability, stability, confidence and credibility
  • light or mid blue jewellery leaves the impression of quiet, calm, faithful and cool

Contrasted to yellow and red, pleasing blue delivers a soothing, relaxed feel. Blue is a good choice for daytime wear that refreshes naturally. Or go for a sporty look by pairing white with blue.

It is effective to accentuate a blue dress, blouse or skirt with blue jewellry.

If blue is your colour, deliver a finishing touch to a plain outfit with bright blue shoes or blue jewellery.


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