The Spectacular way Octopuses, Squids and Cuttlefishes Communicate

Would you believe skin that functions like television screen exists?

As unbelievable as it sounds, Squids, Octopuses and Cuttlefishes are wrapped with such a skin.

If you are unaware of of this, here's a short YouTube clip that explains a little



Isn't that amazing?


Cephalopods' camouflage capability is a captivating topic but that's not what this piece is about.

Cephalopods apply their unbelievable color changing ability to blend into the background.

Somehow they have conceived another role for their magical skin: Skin Language.


Skin Talk

Octopuses change their color seemingly to convey their mood: usually strong red indicates 'anger' and white denotes 'fear.'

Some Cephalopods signal through changing skin colors and even patterns.

Cephalopods can see polarized light and their skin can produce polarized reflective patterns as well. This is speculative but it has been suggested by Scientists that Cephalopods could communicate among themselves through this visual system as a 'hidden' communication channel.

One form of complex visual display that looks spectacular to us humans is the ‘passing cloud formations’.

Here's an Octopus example:



Such rhythmic colored bands and other forms of rhythmic pattern movements are pleasing to watch and... speak volumes, I suppose.

What is even more breathtaking is the way the BroadClub Cuttlefish 'talk' to animals it finds tasty, flashing its skin like a neon sign.

Here's footage of a BroadClub Cuttlefish 'talking' to a crab



What was it saying to the crab?

I reckon the nastiest things it could come up with. The poor crab was so stunned it did not know how to react and stood there dumbfounded!

There are also suggestions the BroadClub Cuttlefish was performing hypnosis - mesmerizing its preys before grabbing them.

Cuttlefish PERFORMING hypnosis? Now I've heard them all!



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