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We turn your sea animal jewelry into perfect gifts

We are animal and jewelry lovers.

We also have other interests and talents. Two talents stood out and expanded our endeavors.

One of the two talents is creativity.

It all began with Brett...


Brett and The Pink Mage

Brett was a regular customer. His special lady loved dolphins and he would buy dolphin themed gifts for her. Among them were jewelry purchased from us.

He bemoaned his jewelry presents were hits and misses.

He could tell when he had a hit: his lady would show excitement and thank him enthusiastically. She would wear the piece of jewelry occasionally when they met.

The other jewelry gifts were met with indifference and he never got to see them worn on his lovely lady.

That was fine with him, but what if he really needed a perfect gift for special occasions? He was really disappointed his presents did not make an impact on celebratory days.

We had been thinking about doing something for customers with similar sentiments and got cracking on a project to help Brett.

The project was arduous! The initial idea expanded greatly and became difficult to complete.

We liked Brett. Thank goodness we did and pressed on.

This is what we produced :-)

The Pink Mage


We told Brett The Pink Mage was a ‘Gift Enhancer’. It was created to turn dolphin jewelry gifts into hits.

Brett said he would give it a try. He received The Pink Mage and bought a big silver dolphin pendant with a snake chain.

And… we didn’t hear from Brett for a long time!

The longer the silence, the more we were flustered, and certain our project failed. We were too afraid to contact Brett to learn the bad news.

How long was it? Three or four months, I think.

We heard from Brett, finally.

He waited till his lady’s birthday before presenting his one of a kind gift package.

She loved the dolphin necklace and The Pink Mage. The package was the most unique dolphin themed gift she had ever received!

The Gift Enhancer was a success!

Boy, were we elated! The project was really challenging and took a long time to complete. But it was all worth it. Look how happy Brett was. He said it was a blissful and memorable birthday celebration :D


Desire and Stress of Gift Giving

Brett wasn’t alone.

Many customers expressed the expectation and desire to give gifts receivers will enjoy and use.

They take a lot of time picking gifts they think their family and friends will like. But often the recipients appear disappointed.

Choosing “the perfect gift” is synonymous with stress and pressure.

The fear of buying the wrong gift consumes many.


7 Sea Animals

After The Pink Mage, we went on to create many more Gift Enhancers that feature seven animals:

  1. dolphin
  2. sea turtle
  3. seahorse
  4. octopus
  5. starfish
  6. manta ray
  7. stingray

Winged Knight was our second project. It transforms seahorse jewelry into outstanding gifts.

Winged Knight


You can see more Gift Enhancers further down this page.

Just like Brett, many customers have turned a stressful challenge into a resounding success, effortlessly.

These Gift Enhancers are now a main membership benefit of the Agalil Sea Animals Club we have started.


The Other Talent

The other talent we have that prompted the establishment of the Agalil Sea Animals Club is insight.

We have developed unique perspectives and musings that make conversations about animals engaging and enjoyable.

Customers were amused and amazed by them. We were often told we had helped them appreciate their friends' fascination with certain animals.

When they shared our new way of viewing animals, two fascinating effects were observed:

  1. They were looked upon as being more interesting.
  2. They could talk a lot about their friends' favorite animals and provide unique perspectives for those bond building conversations, fostering relationships as a result.


Animal Chat

It became evident we have something valuable to offer. Our insights and light-hearted musings on the 7 sea animals were organized into short, easy-to-consume pieces. We call them 'Animal Chat'.

animal chat


Here's an 'Animal Chat' example on seahorses.

We email Animal Chat to Agalil Sea Animals Club members once a week. We would love to send them to you too :)

Reading Animal Chat will make sea animals more interesting to you, and you’ll become more interesting to other people.


Agalil Sea Animals Club

We have set up the Agalil Sea Animals Club to delight enthusiasts of any of these 7 sea animals: dolphin, sea turtle, seahorse, octopus, starfish, manta ray and stingray


strengthen members’ relationships with family and friends who like any of the 7 sea animals.


If you like our jewelry, the club holds exclusive promotions and discounts about once a month.

Here’s a quick summary of the membership benefits:

  • Monthly exclusive offers and promotions on our jewelry
  • ‘Gift Enhancers’ that turn sea animal jewelry into perfect gifts
  • Sea animals will become more interesting to you, and you’ll become more interesting to other people.
  • A new world created for your amusement and benefit

We would love for you to join The Agalil Sea Animals Club and enjoy the very unusual membership benefits that are new, different and unheard of.

There is no risk whatsoever. Anytime you wish to discontinue, you do so with a click of your mouse.


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Here are a few other Gift Enhancers we have created. There are others and more are on the way!



SuperStar Adventure


Allures of a Duel


Rays of Love


Walking the World Above


We would love to show you what our club members enjoy and benefit from, especially what our Gift Enhancers are and how they turn sea animal jewelry into perfect gifts.

You’ll find out what The Pink Mage and the other Gift Enhancers are when you become an Agalil Sea Animals Club member. You’ll have access to them too!

Just fill out the simple form below to get started!


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Agalil Team


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