Sterling Silver Sea Life Rings

These 925 sterling silver sea life rings revolve around the sea and what's beneath it.

The realm beneath the sea is mysterious as it is fascinating.

As life and species other than the human kind face increasing threat everywhere, there is no better time to raise awareness of life forms from the deep and appreciate their importance.

Claim a piece of the ocean kingdom on your finger and share your love for the sea, sea life and silver jewelry.



Sterling Silver Sealife Rings Collection

Our collection comprises of:


925 Sterling Silver Turtle Rings and Crab Rings

Sterling Silver Terrapin Ring with Marcasite Turtle Sterling Silver with Gemstones Ring sterling silver turtle band ring

Tortoise ring, Terrapin ring. Sea turtle band rings, recessed turtles, embossed turtles, baby turtle ring with Paua Shell. Turtle rings with Mother of Pearl, Marcasite and other gemstones. Crab rings, crab ring with Paua Shell...

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925 Sterling Silver Seahorse Rings

Sterling Silver Wrap Around Seahorse Ring Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pearl seahorse sterling silver rings DFR 0331 Seahorse Ring

Seahorse rings with inlaid Paua Shells, Mother of Pearl. Seahorse rings embellished with Swarovski Pearl, wrap around Seahorse ring...

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925 Sterling Silver Marine life Rings and Fish Rings

sterling silver manta ray ring Sterling Silver Electric Eel Ring Sterling Silver Fish Band Ring sterling silver spinning fish ring

Shark rings, hammerhead shark ring, fish rings, Electric Eel ring, spinning ring, Humpback whale ring, starfish band ring, sea shells ring band...

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925 Single Sterling Silver Dolphin Rings

dolphin sterling silver rings dolphin sterling silver ring TR 1566 dolphin sterling silver rings DSDR 346 paua shell sterling silver dolphin ring dolphin sterling silver ring DSDR 7184

Dolphin and waves, dolphin rings with Paua Shell inlay, dolphin wrap rings or dolphin wrap-around rings...

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925 Sterling Silver Double Dolphin Rings

dolphin sterling silver rings WR 205 Sterling Silver Double Dolphin Ring DDDR 651 sterling silver kissing dolphin ring double dolphin ring DDDR 120

Double dolphin love ring with inlaid Paua Shell, courting dolphins with Swarovski crystal, dolphin swirl dance, twin dolphin synchronized dive, kissing dolphins ring...

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925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Band Rings and Group Dolphin Rings

dolphin sterling silver ring DGDR 603 dolphin sterling silver rings DGDR 1107 sterling silver dolphin band ring dolphin sterling silver rings DGDR 751

Dolphins swimming and frolicking in groups, dolphin parade dance, ring of dolphins, dolphin silhouettes ring bands, embossed dolphins band rings, dolphins with waves, dolphin with swirls...

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925 Sterling Silver Sea and Ocean Wave Rings

Sterling Silver Surf Wave Ring Sterling Silver Ocean Wave Ring Ocean Wave Ring Sterling Silver Sea Waves Ring

Besides sea life, we have much to offer lovers of the sea - ocean and sea waves.

Surf waves, ocean waves, sea waves, artistic Celtic waves, sea waves in Paua Shell, sea waves and sea turtles, sea waves and dolphins, embossed ocean waves, recessed black waves...

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