Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Jewelry

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We have assembled a collection of premium quality sterling silver Sea Turtle jewelry that immortalizes these loveable creatures from the sea.

Tortoises and Terrapins are also featured.

Sea Turtles are the ones with flippers.


Our sterling silver turtle jewelry collection covers the following categories:


Sterling Silver Turtle Pendants

Sterling Silver Tortoise Pendant Mother of Pearl artistic sterling silver sea turtle pendant Sterling Silver Turtle sterling silver swimming sea turtle pendant

925 silver turtle pendants with Paua Shells, Shiva shells, Mother of  Pearl. Designer turtles, artistic turtles, Leatherback Sea Turtles, Aboriginal turtles, turtles in swimming posture, Tortoise pendants, Terrapin pendants...

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Pendants to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Turtle Necklaces

Sterling Silver Terrapin Necklace Swimming Sea Turtle Sterling Silver Necklace sterling silver sea turtle necklace

Buy a great looking sterling silver Sea Turtle necklace from an ideal match of sterling silver sea turtle pendant and chain. See how it is done. Tortoise and Terrapin necklaces are also featured.

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Necklaces to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Turtle Rings

Sterling Silver Terrapin Ring with Marcasite Turtle Sterling Silver with Gemstones Ring sterling silver turtle band ring

Turtle rings with Mother of Pearl, Marcasite and other gemstones. Baby turtle ring with Paua Shell, embossed turtles, recessed turtles, sea turtle band rings. Terrapin ring, Tortoise ring...

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Ring to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Turtle Earrings

Sterling Silver Turtle with Shiva Shell Post Earrings Sterling Silver Terrapin Earrings Sterling Silver Turtle Earrings with Abalone Shell

Sterling silver tortoise and turtle dangle earrings, turtle post earrings, 3 dimensional turtles and terrapins, artistic turtles. Inlaid shells - Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Shiva ...

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Earrings to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Turtle Charms

Sterling Silver Green Sea Turtle Charm Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Charm Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Clip On Charm

Green Sea Turtle, baby turtle with inlaid Paua shell,  cute little swimming turtle...

Click Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Charm for details.




Sterling Silver Turtle Toe Rings

Sea Turtle Toe Ring Sterling Silver Turtle Toe Ring Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Toe Ring Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Toe Ring PP 730

Embossed sea turtles and waves, turtle with Aboriginal art, deeply etched cute turtles, detailed and elaborate tortoises...

Click Sterling Silver Tortoise and Sea Turtle Toe Ring to see the full range.




How to Turn Your Turtle Jewelry into a Perfect Gift

Allures of a Duel

Are you concerned your turtle jewelry gifts will not be appreciated?

We have created ‘Gift Enhancers’ like Allures of a Duel to turn your turtle jewelry into perfect gifts.

Click here to learn more and gain access!




Sterling Silver Turtle Bracelets

sterling silver turtle bracelet DB 010


We have a few sterling silver turtle bracelet models including the one shown on the left featuring a popular swimming turtle design.

Click Sterling Silver Turtle Bracelet for details.




Sterling Silver Turtle Anklets

sterling silver turtle bracelet DB 010

Having turtles around your ankle is really unique.

Have a look at the designs available!

Click Sterling Silver Turtle Anklet for details.




Designer Sea Turtle Jewelry

designer pewter sea turtle necklace Bronze Pendant Sea Turtle Necklace designer brass plated sea turtle necklace

We have another range of designer sea turtle jewellery that is not made of sterling silver but bronze, pewter and in brass finish.

Click Pewter Sea Turtle Necklace, Bronze Sea Turtle Necklace and Brass Plated Sea Turtle Necklace for details.





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The Agalil Sea Animals Club is dedicated to delighting enthusiasts of these 7 sea animals:

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Turtles or Tortoises?

Depending on where you are from, the words turtle and tortoise may be interchangeable or they may be distinct.

Generally, tortoises are land-dwelling whereas oceanic species are more often referred to as sea turtles.

Land-dwelling tortoises have short, sturdy feet.

Amphibious turtles or tortoises have similar limbs except that the feet are webbed.

And instead of feet, sea turtles have adapted to their aquatic home with flippers. These flippers allow sea turtles to swim very quickly in water but impede their movement on land.

Female turtles only go ashore to lay eggs, dragging their heavy bodies slowly and laboriously with their flippers.


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