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Our Seahorse jewelry collection (mostly in sterling silver) aspires to satisfy seahorse lovers enamoured by this whimsical little fish.

Beautiful, enchanting, graceful, adorable, shy, curious, gentle, friendly...

The seahorse is one of the most magical and enchanting animals and stirs our imagination.

Let's begin your Seahorse tour with a few nifty rings.

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Sterling Silver Wrap Around Seahorse Ring 045

Sterling Silver Wrap Around Seahorse Ring 045

$65 USD


Available sizes: 7, 8

Price: $65 USD (United States Dollars)
$65 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD
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The Seahorse head is 3 dimensional and magnificent. The size is big enough for features to be easily visible. Its crown and pectoral fins are especially prominent as well as its highly polished snout.

The Seahorse body wraps around your finger, and what a body! Parts of its silver body are darkened to simulate scales. The effect is very good, good enough to be the basis of a beautiful ring design by itself.

The tail curls away from the head without touching it and complements the Seahorse head visually.




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Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pearl - Tahitian Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pearl - Tahitian - side view
Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Tahitian Pearl

$59 USD

Size: Width - 23mm (0.91 inch), Height - 38mm (1.5 inch)

Price: $59 USD (United States Dollars)
$59 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD

For a silver ring, the size of the Seahorse is quite big - 1 and a half inch long.

The ring band is adjustable to size 6, 7, 8 and 9.

The Silver Seahorse is intricate and gorgeous but it is one color - silver. So a 10mm Swarovski Pearl is used for embellishment. A few color options are available.

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pearl - Gold

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Gold Pearl

$59 USD

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pearl - Pink

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring with Pink Pearl

$59 USD




Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring DSR 2177

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring DSR 2177

$39 USD


Available sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Price: $39 USD (United States Dollars)
$39 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD

If a classic design appeals to you, this is a good option.

The seahorse is realistic with excellent details. It'd be a safe choice for a gift. The Seahorse is 20mm tall (0.79 inch).




sterling silver seahorse ring DFR 0331
Click image to change size

Sterling Silver Seahorse Ring DFR 0331

$35 USD


Available sizes: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Price: $35 USD (United States Dollars)
$35 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD

Seahorses appear mythical and are used widely as symbols to represent many things, yet it is very real indeed.

This 925 sterling silver sea horse ring feature a flat oval disk inlaid with Paua Shell.




Premium Jewelry Alloy Seahorse Band Ring PA 1329
Click image to change size

Premium Jewelry Alloy Seahorse Band Ring PA 1329

$12.90 USD


Available sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11

Price: $12.90 USD (United States Dollars)
$12.90 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD

Here's a Seahorse band ring that looks just like silver but is made from a newly invented material.

Silver jewelry has a high price point and requires maintenance. Various attempts are made to deal with these issues.

One new technology breakthrough is the successful creation of a premium grade jewelry alloy with the same silver luster that is so well loved. Yet it is low priced and maintenance free.

For folks with sensitive skin, this material is hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free.

Give it a try. It opens up new options for you when buying jewelry.




How to Turn Your Seahorse Jewelry into a Perfect Gift

Winged Knight

Are you concerned your seahorse jewelry gifts will not be appreciated?

We have created ‘Gift Enhancers’ like Winged Knight to turn your seahorse jewelry into perfect gifts.

Click here to learn more and gain access!




Sterling Silver Seahorse Earrings

Sterling Silver Kissing Seahorse Earrings Sterling Silver Seahorse Earrings with multi color Mother of Pearl single seahorse earring Sterling Silver Seahorse Stud Earrings

925 sterling silver seahorse dangle earrings, seahorse post earrings, Celtic seahorses, kissing seahorses, three-dimensional seahorses, pearl accents, inlaid abalone shell, mother of pearl...

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Earrings to see the full range and discover why seahorses are romantic.




Sterling Silver Seahorse Pendants

Sterling Silver Surfboard Seahorse Pendant DP 8215 with pearl Seahorse Sterling Silver Pendant 264 sterling silver seahorse pendant

925 silver seahorse pendants with Paua Shells inlaid, seahorses with gemstone, artistic seahorses, designer seahorses, kissing seahorses, life-like seahorses, Celtic seahorse, surfboarding seahorse,...

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Pendants to see the full range and discover why seahorses are about eternal love and devotion.




Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklaces

Sterling Silver Seahorse Brooch / Pendant artistic sterling silver seahorse necklace Seahorse Sterling Silver Necklace designer sterling silver seahorse necklace

Buy a great looking sterling silver Seahorse necklace from an ideal match of sterling silver sea horse pendant and chain. See how it is done.

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklaces to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Seahorse Charms

Sterling Silver Seahorse Clip on Charm sterling silver seahorse charm sterling silver seahorse charm Sterling Silver Seahorse Charm

3-dimensional seahorse, fat seahorse, Celtic seahorse, Paua shell seahorse, kissing seahorses...

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Charm to see the full range and discover why male seahorses are one of the greatest dads in nature.




Sterling Silver Seahorse Bracelets

Sterling Silver Seahorse Bracelet

We have Seahorse bracelets as well!

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Bracelets to see the full range.




1 cent jewelry promotion

We are currently having a 1 cent jewelry promotion!

Have a look.




Crystal Seahorse Toe Rings

Crystal Seahorse Toe Ring A

Crystal Seahorse Toe Ring A

$5.90 USD

Crystal Seahorse Toe Ring B

Crystal Seahorse Toe Ring B

$5.90 USD

Size: Width - 10mm (0.39 inch), Height - 18mm (0.71 inch)

Price: $5.90 USD (United States Dollars)
$5.90 USD = € EUR = £ GBP = $ CAD = $ HKD = $ SGD = $ NZD = $ AUD

crystal seahorse toe ringsThese are stretchable toe rings, also known as elastic toe rings or illusion toe rings.

Good quality crystals are employed and they are densely packed so that the colorful, sparkling seahorse is highly visible on your toe.




Designer Seahorse Jewelry

We have three contemporary style designer seahorse necklaces that are not made of sterling silver but bronze, pewter and brass finish.

Click on the photographs for details

Bronze Pendant Seahorse Necklace brass artistic seahorse necklace pewter artistic seahorse necklace



Why are Seahorses Special?

Seahorses might be the most unique creatures on earth. They are the stars of fairy tales and legends.

Did you know that seahorses

  • have an exoskeleton instead of scales?
  • have a horse-like head that is bent at an angle and ends in a long snout?
  • have no teeth and no stomach and must eat continually?
  • special onehave a cute curly prehensile tail like a monkey?
  • have eyes that that rotate 360% independently of the other?
  • have dorsal fins that flutter as much as 35 times per second quite like a hummingbird?
  • have a crown shaped as intricately and uniquely as a human fingerprint?
  • rely on camouflage in order to hunt and to avoid predators?
  • are able to grow skin filaments and tendrils to match the texture of their background and to change colors?
  • may also change color during and after mating?
  • have a complex and interesting courtship and mating ritual?
  • certain breeds bond monogamously for life?
  • males rather than females become pregnant and the daddies give birth to baby seahorses!


These are just some of the reasons why many of us are fascinated by the unique seahorse and love to buy silver seahorse jewellery to celebrate their unworldly forms.

Wear silver seahorse jewelry too to celebrate the differences that make you unique and exceptional!




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