Jewelry in Green


Green is the color spring conquests over cold winter and hence of immortality and hope.

Green is the color of nature, the symbol of fertility, harmony, growth and freshness.

Green is the second most favoured color after blue.




Qualities Associated With Green

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and feelings green themed jewelry represents.

The color of nature, plants and spring, green is often associated with:

nature, growth, fertility, health, harmony, prosperity, luck, contentment, generosity, money, vigor, youth, healing, environment, satisfaction, spring, wealth,  refreshing, calm, prosperity, peace, freshness, soothing, hope,  renewal, fertility and charity.


Green Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of jewelry in green as well.

Green symbolizes nature, life, fertility and well being. It has the qualities of hope, abundance, prosperity and growth and spiritually affects our capacity to express forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.

Green holds the great energies of nature and balances those energies, increasing empathy, compassion and love as well as good fortune and prosperity.

Green is the favourite color of well balanced people.


The Influence of Green Jewelry

Green jewelry is believed to:
  • offer self-control and harmony
  • help you relax physically as well as mentally
  • alleviate anxiety and nervousness
  • overcome obstacles to your ambition
  • assist in maintaining healthy relationships


Wearing green jewelry may help when you:

  • cannot get past sorrow and loss
  • are not dealing with relationship difficulties well
  • experience emotional instability
  • become placid, lethargic or lazy
  • are taken advantage of
  • seek to pursue new ideas
  • fear rejection
  • need a change in some part of your life


Wearing Green

What does wearing green jewellery say about you?

You are well balanced and trustworthy!


Color Matching Tips

  • Green jewellery add cool touches to a yellow dress theme
  • Peach and green is a lively mixture found in nature.
  • Red in shades of maroon, crimson or ruby works well with green outfits
  • Combining mid-blue with in rich green jewelry generates echoes of nature - a harmonious mixture of water and forest or blue sky and grass. Use this combo when you seek growth and new beginnings.
  • Almost all shades of blue goes with different greens. Wearing light blue with emerald green jewellery is a good example
  • Emerald green jewelry adds verve to shades of pink in rose, hot pink and delicate pink
  • When you are dressed in green lavishly, think green leaves and lilac. This is a natured inspired combination that is high contrast and lively. Other shades of purple work well too.
  • If you are considering a contrast color to green, the red and green match is a classic
  • More specific contrast colors of emerald green are scarlet, dusty pink and peach
  • What is a good accent color for green? We recommend turquoise.
  • To add neutral elements to green attire, oyster and white are the better options

As the background color in nature, green jewelry matches well with fashion of most other colors.


Green Associations

  • Planet: Venus
  • Mythology: Venus, the goddess of love and beauty
  • Astrological: Taurus
  • Month: February
  • Day: Friday
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Green roses: balance, healing and harmony
  • Birthstone: Emerald for May


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