Returns and Exchanges

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Shopping online involves risks. There can be a variety of reasons for you not to be satisfied with what is delivered to you.


Our return and exchange policy is formulated based on the following principles:

  • we do not want to be a source of bad experiences for anyone (shopping online should be fun and not a pain in the butt)
  • we want to help minimize your risks
  • we do our best to transfer as much risk from you to us as possible (within our pain tolerance)

The highlights of our return and exchange policies include:

  • Unconditional Return Guarantee
  • exchange for another item without having to pay for shipping & handling fee a second time.



The most fundamental way to protect your interests is to offer you an 'Unconditional Return Guarantee'.

If you are not satisfied with any item you received, you can simply send it back to us in the original box within 2 weeks upon reception. We will issue a refund less the shipping & handling fee - $6.90 USD (United States Dollars).

The procedure is:

  • within two weeks - email us that your are not satisfied with the item and send it back to us.
  • you can choose the mode of delivery/shipment as long as it is registered and tracked and reaches us within 60 days from the date of your payment. We shall advice the deadline.
  • we shall issue the refund less $6.90 USD when the item in its original box reaches us.

This option limits your risk to $6.90 USD plus the amount to track and send the item back to us.

Note: shipping fee related expenses paid by us varies with weight and destination. To keep calculations as simple as possible, we have fixed the amount as $6.90 USD. The actual shipping and handling fee is likely to be higher but we will just bear the pain in silence and not recover the balance from you.



To lower your risks even further, we have amended our exchange policies drastically.

  • you can exchange for another item of equal or higher value
  • now you can even exchange for another item of lower value! (up to 25 percent lower)
  • the item that you exchange for will be shipped to you free! (we shall bear the expenses)
  • within two weeks - email us that you want to exchange an item and send it back to us in its original box.
  • you can choose the mode of delivery/shipment as long as it is registered and tracked and reaches us within 60 days from the date of your payment. We shall advice the deadline.

With these terms, your risks are lowered and limited to the amount of sending the item you are dissatisfied with back to us.

It is obvious we are doing our best to transfer the risks from you to us.


Contact Us

If there are issues you are uncertain about, experiences show that it helps to lower your risks if you will ask the questions to get answers. So, clear your doubts before you go ahead to buy. Send us an email through our contact form.




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We are flexible

If our return policy and exchange policy do not deal with your concerns effectively, we are most willing to listen (or read your email) and work with you for a resolution.


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