Jewelry in Pink

Pink themed jewelry enjoys a huge base of devotees.


For starters, people who love beauty favour pink.

And there are many shades of pink with unusual and outstanding hues suggesting different attributes and characteristics.


Red and pink connote love. While red suggests hot passion, pink, the sweet side of red, is about charm and romance.

Hot pink represents playfulness and rose pink, tenderness.


Jewelry in pink adds a soft and sensuous touch to any fashion.


Qualities Associated With Pink

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and feelings pink jewellery represents.

Pink is the color of:

affections, romance, passion, demure, caring, kindness, unconditional love, conviviality, affection, tenderness, playful, purity, love, friendship, delicate, faithfulness, harmony, self-worth, nice, unselfish emotions, compassion, inner peace, tolerance, sweet, loyalty, acceptance, softness, enthusiasm, happiness.


Pink Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of pink jewellery as well.

Pink is about universal love - love of others and self.

Wear pink jewelry around people you have relationships with or are building one, whether it is romantic love or friendship. This will encourage relationships to blossom and smooth over difficulties.

Pink jewelry encourages loving feelings and helps us to be compassionate and tolerant. It invites and reinforces love for you and people around.

With pink jewelry on you, self esteem and family relationships advances.


The Influence of Pink Jewelry

Pink jewelry is believed to:
  • build inner strength
  • remove anxiety
  • help us love ourselves
  • establish self confidence
  • attract love into your life


Wear pink jewellery when you want to:

  • be contented
  • relax
  • calm your feelings
  • be accepted
  • manage disorder


Wearing Pink

There is something about a woman in pink...

Women in daring black dresses are indeed sexy but a woman in pink seems charming, soft and playful.

The pretty, feminine look has returned - women are not coy with appearing soft and evidently pink fashion is on the rise.

Pink is dramatic and fun. Even likely sombre chocolate or brown can sizzle with pink jewelry.

Pink jewellery compliment most skin tones and enhances black, cream and definitely green clothing.


Colour Matching Tips

  • Take cues from nature's fondness of complementary color relationships. Pink flowers look stunning against green foliage just as rose pink and hot pink jewellery look spectacular against green garments
  • Pink, being a mixture of red and white, is a warm color
  • Either hot pink or rose pink jewellery adds warmth and life to any color scheme
  • Use pink as an emphatic accent color on black-and-white outfits
  • Pink jewelry can certainly warm and soften a monochromatic beige or grey dress
  • Pink is also an accent of cream
  • Using black as accent brings a bold modern air to soft and feminine wear
  • Rich tones of blue bring depth to a light pastel pink blouse or skirt.
  • Bright pink combine well with plum
  • Rose pink's contrast color is turquoise
  • Hot pink jewelry instantly adds life to a white and mid-blue attire


The Pink Effect

  • Hot pink has the same traits as red. It increases energy levels and pulse rates and encourages confidence and action as well.
  • Pink is known for its tranquilizing effect. A tactic used in sports is to paint the locker room of the opposing team, pink.
  • Some prisons use pink to reduce violence and aggressive behaviour.
  • Sport studies indicate that female weightlifters tend to become stronger around pink while male weightlifters appear to lose strength in pink rooms
  • Pink has a tendency to make us crave sugar and pastries packaged in pink boxes are claimed to taste better.


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