Jewelry in Burgundy

The term burgundy jewelry sure has an exotic ring to it.

Can we attribute this to 'Bourgogne' (French for Burgundy wine) or Burgundy, the region of France that produces this wine?


Burgundy was used as a color name only in 1915 as a deep shade of red associated with the Burgundy wine.


This exotic colour is best understood and appreciated through acquaintance with red jewelry as burgundy shares most of red's elements, though restrained.


Wearing Burgundy

Burgundy is an exotic, rich color that reminds of Turkish carpets and old wines.

A darker and mellower tone of red, burgundy suggests wisdom and maturity.

Either sundown engagements or daylight social affairs, burgundy makes its mark through prominence and authority.

Women in tune with contemporary fashion recognize the uniqueness of the burgundy color as the torch-bearer of today's vogue.

For an outstanding casual look, put on denims and complete with burgundy tops.


Colour Matching Tips

  • With ivory coloured backdrops, jewelry in burgundy is reminiscent of lush and ornate Victorian parlors
  • Burgundy themed jewelry against golden and bronze apparel conveys affluence and wealth
  • When purple is combined with burgundy, the look is regal and dignified
  • Burgundy jewelry harmonizes wonderfully with green and emerald wear
  • Looking for a fabulous color to go with burgundy? Try eggshell blue
  • Some shades of light blue forms a sophisticated combination with burgundy
  • Sage green is another color that goes beautifully with burgundy
  • So is deep dark green
  • Burgundy jewellery highlights the pinkish earth tones in beige and whips up a dash of warmth and sophistication
  • Similar effects can be seen with tan


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