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A discussion on black themed jewelry is incomplete without bringing up a remarkable, modern age phenomenon of fashion - the little black dress.

The LBD lasting popularity can be partly attributed to:


  • the ability of the color black to compliment various skin tones
  • the slimming effect of black
  • its ability to flatter diverse body types
  • the safety black offers when a woman is unsure how to dress for an occasion
  • the fact that black does not show stains


Coco Chanel introduced and popularized the little black dress in 1926. With her new creation, the fashion designer provided the answer to every "What should I wear to..." question.

The 'little black dress' has grown to become an icon and has found its way into major dictionaries. Many simply refer to it by acronym, 'LBD'.

Coco Chanel intended to invent a dress that can be worn to any occasion at any time, adapting simply through addition and changes of accessories.


Qualities Associated With Black

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and moods jewelry in black represents.

Strength, chic, dramatic, mysterious, solid, sexy, committed, fearless, confident, serious, independent, protected, allure, sophistication, wealth, cool, shielded, classy, grounded, rest, powerful, elegance, control, fascination, stylish, formality, depth, authority, heavy, dominating, exciting, aggressive, rebellious, romantic, seductive, conservative and secrecy.


Black Associations

  • Planet: Saturn
  • Astrological: Capricorn and Scorpio
  • Day: Saturday


Black Mythology

black catYou may want to consider the spiritual properties of black jewellery as well.

Black is not a color but an absence of colors.

Black, and white of the other extreme, represents opposites. Opposites are spoken of, in expressions of black and white.

While white reveals, black conceals. Black has been alluded to the unseen or the unknown and what's hidden.

Black jewelry holds the energy of the threatening unknown as well as the positive vibes of restful emptiness.

Black jewelry provides potential and possibility and a sense of mystery.


See it... Feel it Yourself

The influence of black can be easily and personally experienced through dressing yourself in black from top to toe.

Put on a black dress, black stockings and black shoes and don't neglect the details.

Wear a black necklace, black earrings and extend black to the ends of your body with a black ring. Finish off with a black toe ring... we are talking about top to toe black.

Look into a full length mirror and check your feelings.

Do you detect... daring, assertiveness, mystery, independence and allure?


The Influence of Black themed Jewelry

Black themed jewelry is believed to:

  • open the door to mystery
  • help you prepare for the unknown
  • draw out power deep within you
  • protect you from negative influences
  • enhance the extent of your allure


Wearing jewelry in black may help when you:

  • want to become inconspicuous
  • desire aggressiveness to help you overcome difficulties
  • need a deep rest into emptiness
  • seek excitement in your life without being obvious
  • lack self control


Wearing Black

What does wearing black jewellery say about you?

You have classical tastes and love elegance. You are empowered and not easily influenced.

Never out of trend and always stylish, Black is a popular color in fashion. It is at all times observed as a high-status color and symbolizes refinement and elegance.

Black is visually slimming and makes a good option for bottoms and black bottoms readily match tops of various colors.

Since black makes the wearer appear slimmer, it is a popular choice for tops as well.


Color Matching Tips

  • An attractive mature look can be realized by means of pairing other dark colours with black. Be careful that the colors are not too similar or they will blend together.
  • Grey and black make a conservative combination and so is mid or light blue with black.
  • Red and black make a dramatic statement. Both colors are charged with intensity.
  • Should you find pairing red with black too dramatic, try maroon instead to tone down while retaining the flair.
  • Black jewellery enhances brown tints in cream, making it softer and looking like caramel.
  • When dressing in a yellow blouse or skirt, consider black jewelry for a dramatic contrast.
  • Wearing black jewelry with soft pink attire brings about a bold modern air.


Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's artistic director, explained the enduring success of the LBD: "One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress. A woman never looks bad in a little black dress, they can always trust that look."

Black jewelry shares many of LBD's qualities and holds some of their own. They are also ideal as little black dress jewelry.


Photo attribution:

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  ralph and jenny  - Black Cat in Birdbath



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