Jewelry in Purple

The color in purple jewelry...

Passionate red.

Moody blue.

And right in between the two extremes situates purple, assuming the qualities of both.


This combination of calm and liveliness invokes a complex color that's paradoxical and an abundance of its presence can make quite a few people uneasy.


It used to be the most expensive colour available. About 10,000 murex shells are required to produce one gram of purple dye.

Roman royalty disallowed others the liberty to be adorned with purple. Emperor Nero even put offenders to death!

Purple's spiritual allure is traced from the well-known purple gemstone, amethyst. Amethyst is long revered as mystical, connected to the higher realms.

Purple's edginess and its enigmatic nature and history render itself a favourite colour among creative folks and teenage girls.


Qualities Associated With Purple

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and feelings purple jewelry portrays.

The color of grapes, purple orchids and the gemstone amethyst, purple is often associated with:

royalty, dignity, dramatic, impressive, passion, excitement, sophistication, respect, nobility, religion, wisdom, vitality, determination, ceremony, mystery, power, transformation, motivation, spirituality, riches, luxury, wealth.

Lavender is the color of:

romance, nostalgia, mystery, spiritual, delicate, precious, feminity, refinement, elegance, grace, sensual, piety, sanctity, relaxation, sentimentality, enlightenment, something special, imaginative.


Purple Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of purple jewelry as well.

Purple is the color of prudence.

People looking for spiritual fulfillment surround themselves with it.

Purple jewelery is said to bring about peace of mind.

It helps you look inward to yourself as purple is associated with intuition, thought and profound emotions.


The Influence of Purple Jewellery

Purple jewellery is believed to:
  • imbue spirituality
  • encourage creativity
  • calm nerves and minds
  • have an uplifting effect


Wearing purple jewelry may help when you

  • cannot make decisions
  • feel negative
  • are apathetic
  • experience powerlessness
  • don't see sparks behind your actions


Wearing Purple

Wear purple when you want to advance imagination, mystery and fantasy.

Purple is a powerful color. Use it with thoughtfulness. When you are wearing much purple, the effect can be dramatic. Covering yourself with this dramatic color portrays a rebellious and sexy look.

If you have gone overboard, tone down overpowering purple with black, grey or pale beige.

Colour Matching Tips

  • Purple jewelry is a good option as accessories for green or brown attire. It adds a touch of mystery to conservative color combinations.
  • Yellow is a primary color. Purple, which is a combination of the other 2 primary colors, combines well with yellow for a spirited contrast.
  • Wearing purple jewellery with a pink dress, blouse or skirt stirs up feminine appeal.
  • Wearing lavender jewelry with pink apparel is even more feminine.
  • Lavender jewelry with blue clothing is sophisticated and cool.
  • Light brown and beige outfits with lavender jewellery are earthy and contemporary.


Purple Associations

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological: Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Month: February
  • Day: Thursday
  • Purple rose: traditional affection, enchantment
  • Lavender rose: 'love at first sight'
  • Lavender aura: good imagination, loves fantasy, good writer.


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