Jewelry in Red

Wear jewelry in red to boost your confidence when attending a function or interview if you feel insecure.

It can project you as a dynamic and self-assured person.

Red is an animated color widely used in fashion.


A woman in red suggests an erotic sentiment.

The wearer presents a picture of energy, confidence and excitement.

Red is the liveliest color which is why it creates so much attraction and stimulation.


Qualities Associated With Red

Let's get acquainted with the qualities and feelings red jewellery represents.

The color of blood and fire, red is often associated with:

energy, vitality, sexuality, danger, passion, love, desire, courage, strength, power, determination, confidence, action, joy, ambition, excitement, vigor, desire, good fortune, will, survival, intensity, strength, speed, security


Red Associations

  • Planet: Mars
  • Astrological: Scorpio
  • Month: February
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Red roses: passionate love, I love you, desire, soul mates
  • Red and Yellow roses: congratulations, happiness
  • Red and white roses: stand together, unity
  • Single red rose: the recipient is unique and special


Red Mythology

You may want to consider the spiritual properties of red jewellery as well.

Red is powerfully linked to needs of self preservation and survival and is also the color of passion and lust.

Use of Red leads to strength and passion to your work, your life and your relationships.


The Influence of Jewelry in Red

Red themed jewelry is believed to:
  • raise energy levels
  • help you get a job done
  • offer protection from anxieties and fears
  • make you feel confident and in control
  • generate feelings of sexiness and desirability
  • increase enthusiasm in life


Wear red jewellery when you want to:

  • be less fearful
  • reach for your goals
  • deal with a lack of will power
  • end a pattern of over cautiousness
  • eradicate your lack of self confidence
  • stop feeling unloved



Wearing Red

What does wearing red jewelry say about you?

You are energetic, sexy and dynamic.

Red stirs up attention, power and dominance. Wearing mainly red will mark red lipsyou with sexual vigour and cause you to stand out from the crowd.

Red jewelry draws attention when used as an accent to focus interest on any body part.

Wear red jewelry when you want to make a statement and be different.


Colour Matching Tips

  • Gray introduces a world of sophistication with red accents.
  • With a black dress, red jewelry is full of drama and announces confidence
  • Red ascends to its most regal teaming up with purple and lavender
  • When brown is dominant on your clothing, your red accessories will relax their high energies
  • Match red with other colors in the red family for different moods. Consider scarlet, maroon, pink, rose, crimson, burgundy, Indian red and tomato.


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