Shark and Fish Jewelry

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sterling silver fish jewelry

Fish jewelry is most representative of sea life jewelry.

We are most familiar with the abundance of ocean life in fishes.

Sharks are well represented here and so are Rays and Seahorses. You'll find interesting fish bone designs too.

Sterling silver is the main material used. Stainless steel and other interesting materials make up the rest.

Our collection comprises of:



Fish, Fish Bone and Shark Earrings

Tropical Fish Earrings shark earrings sterling silver angelfish earrings

In sterling silver, stainless steel and other materials. 3-dimensional fishes, fishes with pearls, gemstones, crystals. Shark jaw earrings, butterfly fishes, coral reef fishes, angelfishes, fishbones, artistic designs, shark tail earrings...

There are both dangle earrings and post earrings in this collection.

Click Fish and Shark Earrings to see the full range.




Pendants and Necklaces of Fishes, Fish bones and Sharks

Fish with Gold Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace artistic sterling silver shark pendant stainless steel fish bone necklace Aqueous Silhouette Sterling Silver Fish Necklace

In sterling silver and stainless steel. 3-dimensional fishes, designer fish, fishes with pearls, gemstones. Fish cross, sharks, hammerhead sharks, artistic shark, Celtic designs, shark tooth, fish bones...

Click Fishes, Fishbones and Sharks to see the full range.




Sterling Silver Fish and Shark Charms

Sterling Silver Shark Charm Artistic Sterling Silver Shark Charm sterling silver angel fish charm Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish Charm

Ocean Sunfish, Tropical fish, angel fishes, angel fish with gemstone, angel fishes with inlaid Paua Shells, shark, shark tooth, hammerhead shark, 3-dimensional fishes...

Click Sterling Silver Fish and Shark Charms to see the full range.




Fish and Shark Rings

sterling silver manta ray ring Sterling Silver Electric Eel Ring Sterling Silver Fish Band Ring sterling silver spinning fish ring

In sterling silver and stainless steel. Fish rings, Humpback whale ring, shark rings, hammerhead shark ring, kissing fishes, Manta Ray ring, Electric Eel ring, spinners...

Click Fish and Shark Rings to see the full range.




Manta Ray & Stingray jewelry

Sterling Silver Stingray Earrings Paua shell sterling silver manta ray pendant sterling silver manta ray necklace

There are many pieces of Stingray & Manta Ray jewelry to look at. Pendants, necklaces, earrings, charms and ring.

Click Manta Ray & Stingray Jewelry hub page to begin.




Sterling Silver Seahorse Jewelry

seahorse sterling silver rings DFR 0331 sterling silver seahorse charm DC 356 925 silver seahorse earrings artistic sterling silver seahorse pendant

There are many pieces of Seahorse jewelry to look at. Pendants, necklaces, earrings, charms and rings.

Click Sterling Silver Seahorse Jewelry hub page to begin.



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Among our collection of fish jewelry, you can find specialized collection of Shark jewelry, Ray jewelry and Seahorse jewelry.

Oh yes, sea horses are fishes too. Extraordinary ones, aren't they? So are Sharks and Rays.

Have a look at the Sharks, Rays and Seahorses too when looking at fishes.


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