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We invigorate your relationships with family and friends who are sea animal lovers

We are animal and jewelry lovers.

Animal themed jewelry is our specialty, especially marine animals.

The animal lover side of us led to much learning and discussion about animals. Over time, we developed unique perspectives and insights that make animal conversations engaging and enjoyable.


Many customers looking for animal themed jewelry as gifts would chat with us about animals and we were often told we had helped them appreciate their friends' fascination with animals they are fans of.

Customers also reported improved relationships as they could talk a lot about their friends' favorite animals after learning from us.

What had surprised those customers were responses they regularly receive like "Oh, I have not noticed"; "I have not look at it that way before"... even from people who know much about the animals discussed. Our customers were impressing people they know and meet with their new source of knowledge!


It became evident we have something valuable to offer. Our insights and light-hearted musings on animals were collected and organized into short, easy-to-consume pieces. We call them 'Animal Chat'.

animal chat

Here's an 'Animal Chat' example on Seahorses.

After building this website, we went on to set up the Agalil Discount Club.


What the Agalil Discount Club offers (it's free to join)

The Agalil Discount Club has 2 objectives:

1. Bring you pleasurable shopping experiences through exclusive offers and little surprises.

2. Connect you with animal lovers correctly.


If you have joined discount clubs before, you'll find ours very different.

For starters, we emphasize more on the second objective - connecting you with animal lovers correctly. This is accomplished through 'Animal Chat' in the form of emails.


The purpose of sending you 'Animal Chat' emails is to:

1. help you enhance relationships with fans of particular animals through understanding their fascination with that animal and provide unique perspectives for those bond building conversations.

2. get others to see you smarter and more interesting. Animals are captivating topics. You'll turn up the intrigue much higher with the exceptional insights introduced in these emails.


Who is it for?

The Agalil Discount Club is created for 3 groups of people. Join us if you happen to:

1. like our jewelry. Look and feel special with less spending! We don't have coupons or promotions anywhere else. All our special offers are exclusive to Agalil Discount Club members. Moreover, this website doesn't show all that we have. There are other ranges of jewelry that we only show to Agalil Discount Club members exclusively.

2. buy animal themed jewelry as gifts. Let us help you be more effective in your effort. We'll also guide you into your animal lover friend's world, see with their eyes and connect with them through appropriate jewelry selection and gift messages. And it is not just about jewelry gifts, relationship is enhanced through stimulating conversations and common appreciation of their favorite animal.

3. benefit from having more interesting things to say and share. Let 'Animal Chat' provide you a continual supply of ammunition. Impress friends, family, even your pet groomer with your new found knowledge!


What to Expect

Your Agalil Discount Club member benefits are delivered to you through emails. Agalil Discount Club emails are generally sent once a week. The bulk of these emails are 'Animal Chat'. Around once a month, you'll receive an Agalil Discount Club exclusive special offer.

To help you quickly assess if 'Animal Chat' is useful, you'll receive 6 'Animal Chat' emails in the first 2 weeks. The email frequency then resumes weekly.

There is no risk whatsoever. Anytime, anytime at all you wish to discontinue, you do so with a click of your mouse.


Get your goodies!

If what we do seem possibly beneficial, we wholeheartedly invite you to explore further. Chances are you'll wish you had found us sooner.

You are minutes away from a delightful journey. Tell us the name your friends call you by and where to send the goodies below, and click the 'Get membership benefits!' button.


Agalil Discount Club

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